How to Follow Up Without Being a Pain in the A$#@!

19.07.21 10:37 AM By Matthew Whyatt - Comment(s)
Nailing the follow up call is vital to you sealing your next deal, so the last thing you want to do is be totally useless to the person on the other end of the phone. Yes, people are busy but if you've got the tools to solve their problems they'll have all the time in the world for you.

Even The Hobbits Knew Where To Go

08.03.20 12:49 PM By Matthew Whyatt - Comment(s)
What happens when there is uncertainty about the next step in the sales process? Nothing – slow to no sales, no control of the sale, elongated sales cycles and management unable to ask anything more intelligent than “What sales have you got coming in?” I was once asked .....

Think Before You Speak

08.03.20 12:30 PM By Matthew Whyatt - Comment(s)
A big mistake that companies make in sales is not bothering to take the time to think about the best way to position what they are selling, creating a sales script for it and practicing their pitch. Sounds obvious right? Business owners and salespeople constantly surprise me by .....

Measuring What Matters

08.03.20 11:52 AM By Matthew Whyatt - Comment(s)
What is one of the least effective questions a sales manager can ask when trying to measure sales performance? ‘What sales do you have coming in?’ If you just heard yourself ask that question in the last week. Stop it now! That is like asking a professional sports team .....

If You Want to Make More Sales, Try Following Up Fewer People

08.03.20 11:42 AM By Matthew Whyatt - Comment(s)
If you want to make more sales, you should be following up fewer people. Wait! Hang on! I keep hearing that sales is a numbers game. Let me share a story with you that may have you seeing the truth in the above. One of my first sales roles was selling software over the phone .....

How To Free Your Business From Recruiting The Wrong Salespeople

05.03.20 11:52 PM By Matthew Whyatt - Comment(s)
Most of us know that recruiting the wrong salespeople can have a devastatingly negative impact on your business. Carrying the costs involved with hiring the individuals advertising, recruiting and induction can be problematic .....

A Commission Only Salesperson. The Holy Grail of Sales?

05.03.20 11:44 PM By Matthew Whyatt - Comment(s)

I work with and speak with a lot of people in the software and technology sales space who are looking to grow their business and at least once a month I get asked about commission only salespeople. Whilst answering the most recent request (today) I thought it was worth getting this information out t...

The Top 5 Mistakes B2B Software and Technology Companies Make in Sales

05.03.20 11:19 PM By Matthew Whyatt - Comment(s)
Welcome to my video series on the Top 5 Mistakes that B2B Software and Technology Companies Make in Sales. I am going to be sharing the five biggest mistakes that I see B2B software and technology companies make and how you can increase your sales results by improving these five key areas .....